About Us

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All children have every opportunity to grow, succeed and become valuable members of our      community through programs that engage parents and empower children.
Thrive is a community-based organization established in 1986. At the heart of Thrive lies a preventative, strength-based, empowerment model of working with parents and children.  For over 26 years, Thrive has provided families with the resources, tools, and support to raise healthy, successful children. Our programs have been developed using evidence-based practices, adapted to meet local community needs, and rigorously evaluated to ensure program efficacy.  Thrive has developed critical community partnerships built on sharing design, implementation, management, evaluation, financial resources, and responsibilities for programs. This approach, which has the success of the child at its center, results in the highest quality services, maximizes scarce resources, and has a powerful impact on outcomes for children.
Thrive programs are designed around our core beliefs:
•   Investments in early, preventative supports for children and families yield a huge return.
•   When we form alliances to create optimal conditions for families and children, we lay the
     foundation for thriving communities.
•   A strategy that provides a continuum of supports that span all of the childhood years and
     targets both the parent and the child is ‘best practice’.
•   The stress from poverty, neglect, and abuse in early childhood can lead to lifelong
     problems in learning, behavior and physical and mental health. These problems impact
     the children who experience them and the entire community.
•   All families need information, education, support and resources at some point.
     Normalizing this need and designing services that build on  strengths inherent in every
     family rather than deficits, removes the shame associated not knowing everything or
     having everything you need to do the best for your family and increases likelihood of
•   Every parent and child has strengths.
•   We owe our investors and our clients a strong knowledge base in the areas we impact,
     professional staff, and regular and through evaluation of our services.
•   When families are strong, children succeed and communities thrive.

Program design and awards

All Thrive programs have been designed locally to address community needs. These programs are preventative and are based on research on best program practices in the fields of family support, mentoring, and child development.  Thrive programs have received state and national awards. The Child Advancement Project (CAP) has been accepted to be listed in the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices.

Goals for the future

  • Continue to provide early, ample education and support to Bozeman area parents and their children.
  • Collaborate with other entities to create a family community center in the area that combines services essential to family success.
  • Assist other Montana communities in developing collaborative, comprehensive family support programs.
  • Provide training so that all Montana teachers employ strategies that engage parents as partners with schools to ensure successful students.
  • Increase local, regional and state support for proactive programs that educate parents, mentor children and support families.