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Parent Place Newsletter Sept-Oct 2011, School

School is in! Yet are you feeling that the family is back in the groove? I know that for my family it takes us about a month to feel like we are in a good routine. I have one child in middle school and one in elementary. There are mornings that I feel like a […]

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Parent Place Newsletter July-August, 2011, Manners!

How often do you find yourself asking your kids to use please and thank you? Reminding them to not interrupt people? To use “excuse me”? Do you find yourself forgetting to say please, especially when talking to your child? The good and bad news is that manners are best taught by seeing others use them. […]

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Parent Place Newsletter May-June 2011, Parenting Skills

Have you found yourself wondering “What’s my Parenting style?” Well wonder no more! Click here to read may-june 11

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Parent Place Newsletter March-April 2011, Bouncing Back!

How you you help your child to bounce back from tough situations? You help them become resiliant. To read more about this topic, read here march april 11.

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Parent Place Newsletter Jan-Feb. 2011, What type of smart are you?

We all know our children are smart, yet do you know there are actual categories that break up smart!  to read more, click on this link  pp newsletter jan-feb 2011

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Parent Place Newsletter, Nov-Dec.2010 -Family Traditions

Traditions are a large part of being a family. Yet what are they and how can you incorporate them into life? do you want to read more? click here! nov-dec 2010 orginal

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Parent Place Newsletter, Sept.- Oct.2010, Technology & Kids

Contents: Technology and children, ages and stages and current events. To see the Sept- Oct. Newsletter please click on the pdf file below sept-oct 2010

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Parent Place Newsletter,January-February 2006, Your Child’s Temperament

This month’s topics: Understanding Your Child’s Temperament Parent Place events Dad’s Corner: Co-Parenting Tips for Non-Married Parents Download Parent Place newsletter: Jan-Feb 2006

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PP Newsletter May – June 2006 Newsletter, Gardening with Kids

Topics include: Sunscreen How to Remove a Tick Tips for Gardening with Kids Teaching Finances to Kids and Teens Parent Place News Dad’s Corner Click to download PDF newsletter »

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Parent Place Newsletter July – August 2006, Traveling Games & Healthy eatting

Topics include: Travel games for kids Three rules for Healthy Eating Parent Place news Dad’s Corner Click here to download the PDF newsletter »

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