Child Advancement Project (CAP)

Since 1989, the CAP (Child Advancement Project) at Thrive has been matching caring and nurturing volunteers with students in the Bozeman Public Schools grades K-12.   In 2012, CAP was implemented in the Big Sky Public Schools. CAP mentors meet with the same student for one hour a week during the school year.  In just one hour a week, you can help kids succeed, support Bozeman Schools and give back to our community.

CAP Mentors work one-on-one with students to increase academic and social competency and to enhance opportunities for academic challenge. They provide support and encouragement, help students discover and build upon their individual strengths, and affirm student’s ability to shape their own futures. Matches spend their time completing homework, playing sports and board games, or just visiting.  Mentor efforts complement those of the teacher and the family and students are nominated by school staff, parents, or can request a mentor for themselves. All mentors complete a thorough application process and all matches are provided ongoing support by professional Thrive staff.  To find the CAP Coordinator at your school visit our Thrive Staff page.

CAP, one of the first school-based mentor programs in the country increases student academic performance, social competence, class participation and decreases negative student behaviors. During the 2012-2013 school year, 577 students were matched with 560 volunteer mentors in the Bozeman and Big Sky School Districts. Since 1990, 8,827 students have been matched with 7,898 volunteer mentors.

Thrive is proud to announce that the Child Advancement Project (CAP) has been named to the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices. The purpose of the National Registry is to assist the public in identifying scientifically based approaches to preventing negative outcomes for children. In 2009 Thrive received a coveted Service to Science grant designed to assess the outcomes of promising programs. Thrive engaged an independent researcher to analyze the impact of CAP. An article detailing the research was written by Dr. Jayne Downey, Department Head of Education MSU and submitted to the School Community Journal. The article has been accepted and is ‘in press’ for publication in 2013. Currently only four other mentor programs in the country are recognized in the registry. There are a total of 314 NREPP programs.

“I learned what a difference I can truly make. I saw a ton of progress with [my student]. I am really proud. Made every single day worth it.”- CAP Mentor 2012

 It starts with you. Become a CAP Mentor!

One Person in One hour a Week Can:

  • Help Bozeman Public Schools
  • Increase class participation
  • Increase attendance
  • Give back to the Bozeman community

Be a one-on-one mentor for a student in the Bozeman or Big Sky Public Schools

  • Mentors provide academic, social, or enrichment support
  • Mentors are screened, trained and supervised by CAP Coordinators
  • Mentors meet in school 1 hour a week for the entire school year
  • No Weekends -No Evenings

Apply to become a CAP mentor:

Fill out the online application or call 587-3840.

Parents, teachers and students are talking about CAP

“CAP mentors provide extra support for students emotionally, socially and academically. They give that “extra” that teachers can’t always give to all students all the time.” —Teacher 2009

“His academics are great. He needs help with social development and his mentor has really seemed to help with that. We can really tell a difference in him and would love for the progress to continue. Thank you so much for this program!” —CAP Parent

“I always look forward to telling her what I have been doing over the week. I feel like I can tell her things and she can be honest with me.” —CAP Student