Parent Liaison

The parent liaison program, established in 1995, encourages a strong link between home and school so parents and teachers become partners to nurture children’s success.

Parent Liaisons are professionals who work as part of a school team. To find the Parent Liaison at your school click here to see Thrive Staff.

Liaisons help parents:

  • Work in partnership with schools to nurture opportunities for their child’s success.
  • Access community resources.
  • Assist parents in developing effective parenting strategies based on their child’s stage of development.
“The Parent Liaison Program is invaluable as a bridge between home and school.” -Bozeman teacher

“The Parent Liaison Program is invaluable as a bridge between home and school.” -Bozeman teacher


“This program, our Parent Liaison, is a critical link in helping our children by having our parents “heard” and supported in the various ways! Our PL is also an invaluable resource!”


“She helped me by talking about things and directing me in the right direction. My children and I are communicating better because of her suggestions.”


“She helped us to feel important to school. I liked knowing there’s someone to go to when things are difficult.”


“I am a divorced male parent of a 13 year old son. I suddenly received full custody of him. My son just moved to Montana leaving his mother and siblings behind; to top it all off he has A.D.H.D.

Now imagine being the parent who loves this kid so much and wants the best for him and yet has many insecurities. “Am I doing enough?” “I can’t fail him, especially not on my shift.”

I work 2.5 jobs and need to now concentrate on being there for him. My son’s school counselor introduced me to the Parent Liaison. She listened and was caring and careful about her feedback. She helped me set up parent/teacher meetings and called me to follow up. She gave me the courage to carry on. She told me that I was a good parent. I was proud of myself thanks to her. This gave me the confi dence to be the parent and nurture my son in the way I know I could.”

— Single father of middle school student

For more information

To contact the Parent Liaison at your child’s school, call 587-3840.