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7 things you were never told about being a parent!

As you are cleaning up that mess of a diaper or Wondering who is teaching whom… are you thinking I didn’t know this would happen.   Here is an article about just this.  Read the full article here!

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Soothing a Crying Baby

This article is from Parent Magazine, The Myth of Colic. It includes tips from the Happiest Baby on the Block.  Use this link to read. Hope this helps you with the fussy baby in your life.  

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Baby Massage

Is your baby fussy at time? Massage may help. Use olive oil or vegable oils to allow your fingers to glide across your baby’s skin. Below is a short you tube video to give you some starting ideas.

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3-5 Years

3 – 5 years General Behavior Active and curious explorer Gains independence (likes to feed and dress self but may need assistance) Unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy (enjoys make-believe, dressing up and imaginary playmates) Develops some fears (dark, storms, animals); child needs comfort and reassurance, and should not be ridiculed Concept of time […]

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14 Months – 3 Years

14 Months – 2 years General Behavior Beginning to use spoon; may have difficulting inserting spoon into mouth Beginning to speak, putting words together Solves problems Shows pride in accomplishments, likes to help Begins to play with others May have temper tantrums Asserts independence but strongly prefers familiar people; may be shy around unfamiliar people […]

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5-14 Months

5 – 8 Months General Behavior Sits up Reaches for objects Responds to sounds Some children may sleep through night, but varies greatly Fear of strangers Fascinated with faces, preferably parents’ Feels, shakes, and bangs things Repeats actions that have interesting results Development of vision peaks at 8 months May take 2-3 naps a day […]

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6 Weeks to 5 Months

6 Weeks – 3 Months General Behavior Awake for longer periods, and sleeps 4-10 hours/night Easier and more frequent smiling Beings to notice own hands Attracted to objects of bright colors and distinctive patterns, and is now able to grasp items Shorter periods of fussiness (crying) can be expected Begins to smile at people, coos […]

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The first 6 weeks

0-6 Weeks General Infant Behavior Sleeps about 16 hours/day, in small increments, at one month Lack of mobility; movements are reflexive Sucking ability Frequent eating Pattern of repeated crying at a certain time every day may indicate colic (contact doctor) Draw attention by crying Can see objects that are about 10 inches away; vision is […]

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Infant Brain Development: How parents and caregivers can nurture positive brain development

Give consistent loving care. If a child is raised in a loving setting, they will learn to love. Children who are ignored or not nurtured will not fully develop all areas of their brains. Touch infants. In research with infants, it was shown that gently massaging premature infants three times per day for 15 minuts […]

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Information about breast and bottle feeding

Breast milk is the best milk for your baby. Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding until you baby is a year old. Breast milk, iron-fortified infant formula or a combination of both should make up the main food for your baby for the first year. Advantages of breast feeding: Human breast milk is the perfect food for your […]

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